The Huichol are the predominant ethnic group in Nayarit and “TAHO” is the sun.

The Riviera Nayarit is the fashionable beach destination in Mexico, with more than 300 kilometers of unspoiled coastline. Nayarit is known to be the treasure of the Mexican Pacific. Riviera Nayarit offers intense blue skies, emerald mountains, abundant vegetation and endless beautiful golden beaches for an unforgettable vacation.

And this is where you can invest: We have for you a land for sale, with 82 Hectares on the beach. With the potential to create a unique project in a virgin beach area. Discover: TAHO




With a magnificent location, orientation and accessibility, this project has a great future: It is located right in an area of ​​great potential and growth. 
It is a coastal place of great beauty, in the municipality of Tecuala, in Nayarit.
It has great wild beauty and is considered the largest beach in Latin America, with its 82 kilometers long and 50 meters wide.
That is why it is registered in the Guinness Book of Record. Invest without complications in this incredible 82-hectare land, ideal for hotels and tourism.
With the documentation in order, deed and free of encumbrance to be able to carry out a fast and uncomplicated operation.
* Price in Dollars. $ 4,500,000




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